Summer Camp

Unique summer camp opportunity!

Starting June 17 Kids will get to enjoy a brand new summer camp experience.  They will take a high energy fitness class, a self defense class or Jujitsu class and an educational class about nutrition and fitness all in one day.

  • Camp runs Monday through Friday 9am to 12 pm
  • 3 classes a day 45 minutes each followed by a break.
  • Classes include: Youth Jujitsu, youth fitness, youth self defense and youth education.
  • Snack offered by gym
  • 2 additional FREE hours at Kids Club from 12pm – 2pm for members  otherwise its $10 for each additional hour after 12  (limit 2 hours)

Summer camp starts at $150 for first child

$25 discount for each additional child

$10 for every hour after 12pm up to 2 hours (FREE for members)


Would you like to learn more and enroll your child?

Call us at (630)785-3332

Fill out the form below and we will contact you pronto.

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Feel free to checkout our regular gym and class schedule at UFC GYM YORKTOWN

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